Please read the following provisions carefully..


Visiting my website is confirmation of the fact that you have read these provisions, understood and are in agreement.
I am no doctor or psychiatrist and I have absolutely no intention to claim I am.
My grades are in the transmission of information frequencies.


By the information I read in the Energy of the Aura and Chakra or during a Healing and The Reconnection, or otherwise during the consultation.
I can form a small contribution to the balancing of you and your loved one on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or any other level.

For medical questions always contact your own medical professional..


I do not diagnose Independently!


Take some medical suggestive remarks during a course or conversation as a hint, take them as a possible option for your visit to your GP or specialist.

I have no intention to cross or judge other treatments or medications.
Do you have a disease or condition you are in treatment for with another therapist, you should report this to me and in this case it is possible that you will be asked to sign an agreement in
which you explicitly mention your own responsibility.
Of course your doctor may contact me in response to a conversation I've had with you.
Be aware that not everyone is open or shows understanding of Reading and Healing or the paranormal all together.
Although my therapy forms good to very good results, there is never a guarantee that this therapy for you, or your loved one strikes or works.
You are and shall at all times be responsible for your own health and how to dispose of the offered therapy does.
I am in no way responsible for the contents of other websites to which a link ("link") is made nor any actions based on the content of these websites a course, therapy and /or during a personal conversation.

• Children under 18 must have their legal representative to sign.
• Before the session, please sign writing, that you took note of the disclaimer and agree to advance payment of the agreed amount.

This disclaimer applies to:


All treatments, consultations, training and coaching which are given by me. You are and remain responsible for your own decisions




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Indien deze e-mail niet voor u bestemd is, verzoek ik u de afzender daarvan op de hoogte te stellen en deze e-mail te vernietigen. Gomair (M.Luijendijk-Gombert) kan de veiligheid en betrouwbaarheid van e-mail communicatie niet garanderen en aanvaardt geen aansprakelijkheid voor schade ten gevolge van het gebruik van e-mail. De algemene voorwaarden van Gomair (M. Luijendijk-Gombert) zijn van toepassing.




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Marjolein Luijendijk-Gombert works at the name of Gomair